On the transit-oriented development of Musashikoyama Palm, Japan

Was having one of those sentimental, quick trips down memory lane when I came across one of the things I rendered back in 2015.

July 16 Map - PALM.jpg
On pic is the integrated map showcasing a serial vision and facade of Musashikoyama Palm Shotengai in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

Japan is littered with and also aesthetically known through these commercial districts named shotengai. While these districts come in various sizes and form, they are usually structured as wide roofed streets (or “arcades” if we are going with the technical term) spanning hundreds of meters connected to the nearest train station.

However, what is commendable about Palm is the combined effect of its strategic size amounting to 635 meters (therefore the longest in Japan) as well as its location having been laid out away from the station.


The satellite image above shows the entire length of the shotengai marked in red.

Ultimately, what this means for the ward of Shinagawa is that the arcade is not a mere hub whose economic activity is focused on the immediate vicinity of the station, which is oftentimes the scenario in many planned cases of transit-oriented development. Rather, in the case of Palm, it actually serves as a spine that extends all the way even to the much farther blocks of residential areas, thereby giving the much needed and more aptly distributed benefits of a bustling street life and livelihood support.

Clearly, we also need to consider the same for us here in the Philippines and it is good that efforts are already underway to improve not only the number and quality of infrastructure, but also the interconnectivity thereof.

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